Google Analytics is definitely a powerful tool. Knowing how to use it effectively is a key to monitoring web performance and setting targets.

Web Analytics

With every site we work on, perhaps the first thing we ask is ‘How will we measure performance’?

To answer that we'll need to understand your overall marketing aims so we can develop your site based around specific 'Goals'.

These will need to be structured by importance. What’s the primary action we want the visitor to take? Sign up to your email database, make a purchase or complete an enquiry form?

By configuring Google Analytics at the outset around these goals we can provide detailed reporting covering:

  • Goal completion
  • Conversion rate
  • Traffic performance
  • Abandonment rates
  • Bounce rates
  • Keyword performance

Regular analytics reporting helps us to track and optimize the performance of your website. We can identify problematic pages and steps in your conversion process and then improve them.