Giving your customers a great experience online, requires more than just strong graphics and tidy typography. Usability is at the centre of everything we do.

User experience


We love wireframes. An essential part of good usability design and practice, they act as our basic visual guide, allowing us to see and feel the user interface. With them we can map out the user journey in a way that can be easily refined and agreed before moving onto the design and build stages.

Expert review

If you’re not sure your site is performing as well as it should, our expert review service could be just the answer. We’ll work with you to find out exactly what your business goals are and then thoroughly review and test your website to find out how it could perform better.

User research testing

There’s no doubt, by far the best way to find out if your website lives up to what your customers want, you need to carry out user testing research. To get the best from this, we follow a proven methodology that includes:

  • Establish business goals and aims of the test
  • Devise a series of tasks for users to test these
  • Recruit a group of ‘typical users’
  • Record and capture their actions and thinking

Eye tracking

Wouldn’t it be good to know where your website visitors are looking? Where does their eye go first? How long do they spend looking at one area compared to another? With Eye Tracking you can. This innovative technology tracks the eye movement of users and records what they look at, in what order and for how long. The results are always objective, unbiased and quantifiable.

Card sorting

At Stix Digital we know that even the most low-tech procedures can be hugely valuable. Card sorting is a prime example.


It’s quick, inexpensive and a totally reliable method for finding patterns and providing real insight into how people prefer the information to be structured. From here we can develop the website navigation and menus.

We believe that successful digital design should, not only be visually engaging, but just as importantly, it should be easy to use. Good usability can increase web performance by 135%.

User Centred Design (UCD)

Creating highly usable websites requires more than just ‘gut instinct’. The philosophy of UCD is at the heart of the way we work. It means we take the time to understand users. The more we know, the more effective and rewarding the website will be. Opting for objective evidence, not subjective views, we ask the most important people in the chain, the end user about their views, opinions and preferences. This insight feeds back into the design and build stages to create a site that definitely has the audience’s interests at heart.