Adding 9 service identities under one coherent brand

Our challenge was to create a marketing strategy to communicate the companies expertise across 9 service offerings and the collective strength of the umbrella brand.

Working closely with the internal team and management board we worked on a strategy that went across services and down into each competitive marketplace.

Adding 9
silver devices
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STIX understands us, and is working with us to deliver a wide set of tools to communicate our values, vision and mission to clients, staff and partners.

Tracey Holland
Associate Director, Business Development

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We developed a series of 9 icons to represent each service identity, sitting under the Silver brand. The icons work internally as department ‘banners’ or team colours.  These are used across the intranet and internal comms as well as in social / team building events.  They work externally to give a distinct profile for each service 
offered under the Silver brand.

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