Delivering a ‘mobile-first’ website

Llewelyn Davies (LD) has been a cornerstone client since our conception.
 We looked at how users were using their old site and how LD wanted the site to add value to the business development process.

The website is used primarily as a research resource to help potential clients understand the strengths and experiences of the  practice in order to respond to an approach or invitation to tender for a project. 

Llewelyn Davies
ld website macbook

I have personally worked with STIX for over 20 years. The team has shown the highest level of creative clarity, passion and flair over a range of mediums. They have the ability to interpret a brief, to understand what clients are looking for and to inject their own innovative and strategic intellect into the final product, delivering outstanding results every time.

Stephen Featherstone

The initial visitor is not necessarily the decision maker in this process, typically the client will have a separate team to report their research results to them.

We have created a simple tool that enables each visitor to create their own formatted PDF presentation on LD directly from the site.  As they find relevant information they add it to their basket, which on download, the website compiles a PDF brochure ready for emailing. This is especially useful for complex or busy sites where content can expire, move or be hard to find when presented with just a pile of links.

ld desktop
new website

Our Feature Driven Development / Agile approach ensured that the CMS and PDF creation functions were evaluated and refined in continuous feedback loops in the development phase.